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About us

Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is fast becoming one of
Ireland’s most innovative pharmaceutical companies.

We have been at the forefront of providing healthcare solutions to the Irish market since 1973. We act at a local level but have all the resources and experience of a global network of Independent Associated Companies.

We are actively involved in the development and supply of innovative products, with our focus on improving the quality of life of those suffering from chronic debilitating diseases.

Our primary focus is in the therapeutic areas of diabetes, respiratory and biologics. We look to partnering the medical profession and the patient to manage these conditions over the long term and to seek new and ever better solutions.

We continuously strive to develop approaches to deliver medicines to patients in a way that improves the efficacy of the medication and reduces any negative impact on the patient’s quality of life. We never lose sight of the fact that patients are, in the first instance, people. They have the normal cares, concerns and expectations that we all experience in daily life.

Our aim is to provide patients with therapeutic answers to their health problems so that they can live life to the fullest.

Global Network

Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited is an Irish company and is part of a network of independent associated companies across Europe.


Corporate Social Responsibility

At Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Ltd. we are committed to developing a diverse portfolio of medicines and devices that meet societal needs. We aim to conduct our business in an ethical, transparent and responsible way, doing what’s right for our employees and partners, while contributing to the communities within which we operate. We look at things from a different perspective and are experts at identifying and developing the potential of medical innovations to help improve patients’ lives in meaningful ways.


Working with and in the community, Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
is the proud recipient of a number of awards

Great Place To Work Award 2015

Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Limited was the highest ranked Pharmaceutical company in its category (‘Small’) in the Great Places to Work annual awards 2015.

That was the second consecutive year that we were a finalist in these awards. Mundipharma was also the second highest-ranked pharmaceutical company across all company sizes, and, for the second consecutive year, secured a top-10 position for all companies in the Small (20-100 employees) category.

A Awards Logo

A’ Design Award

In April 2018, the prestigious A’ Design Award, a competition which celebrates the world’s leading designs, concepts and design-orientated products, awarded Mundipharma International Limited two awards for its novel k-haler® device.

The k-haler device received platinum awards for its innovative design in the ‘Scientific Instruments, Medical Devices and Research Equipment Design’ and ‘Ease of Use and Universal Design’ categories, impressing the jury panel of design professionals, press members and academics.

® K-HALER is a registered trademark of Mundipharma.

OA Suit Project

The campaign aims to highlight the fact that for many people, OA is much more serious than mere ‘aches and pains.’ Using state-of-the-art equipment, experts seek to understand the type of discomfort felt by their OA patients. The suit constricts movement and inflicts topical pain with its ‘ouch pouches’ – sharp, nobbly, grating or hot packs which press into the wearer during a range of activities, giving insights to the discomfort and pain felt by those with OA.

Best Consumer Healthcare Project
Irish Medical Times Healthcare Awards


Code of Business Ethics

The manner in which we undertake our business activities, both as individuals and as organisations, is key to our sustained success. Paramount to maintaining and enhancing our reputation is that we operate with integrity in all of our activities. It is the foundation stone for our long term success and is a vital ingredient in building and maintaining trusting and effective business relationships, both internally and externally.

We will always abide by the legislative requirements prevailing within the countries in which we do business. In addition, in all that we do, we are dedicated to upholding our internal policies and enhancing the culture within which we operate. Our business reputation is developed or diminished by the personal decisions and actions of each and every individual within our Company. It is therefore important that both individually and collectively, we understand what is required of us in striving to achieve the highest possible standards of business ethics.
We are all aware of the potential impact that our decisions and actions might have on each other, and on the reputation of the organisations within which we work. Accordingly, our Code of Business Ethics and our Anti-Corruption Policy sets out the guiding principles for all of us. A complete version of the Code is available here and the Policy is available here.

These principles are instilled into our culture via a range of different means, including induction and training workshops.


Mundipharma Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has provided financial support to the following patient organisations and charities:


Sponsorship 2015
The Friends of St Luke12/02/15€750Sponsorship
National Breast Cancer Research Institute27/02/15€100 Sponsorship Grant
IRFU Charitable Trust 4/03/15€300Sponsorship Grant
The North East Galway Friends of Belarus23/03/15€500 Sponsorship Grant
The Bantry Hospice Project05/04/15€150 Sponsorship Grant
Arthritis Ireland10/04/15€10,000 Development Grant
St Patricks Church, Wicklow13/05/15€200 Sponsorship Grant
Asthma Society of Ireland 05/10/15€20,000 Development Grant
Canteen Ireland08/10/15€8,000Development Grant
Trinity Access Programme 28/10/15€2,500Development Grant
Simon Community 24/11/15 €500Sponsorship Grant
Sponsorship 2016
The Hope Fund 10/1/16€106 Sponsorship Grant
Friends of St Luke 1/3/16€750Sponsorship Grant
Arthritis Ireland 5/6/16 €10,000Development Grant
Asthma Society of Ireland1/10/16 €10,000Development Grant
Canteen Ireland 7/12/16€8,000Development Grant
Debra Ireland12/12/16€500Sponsorship Grant
Sponsorship 2017
Asthma Society of Ireland 27/7/17 €10,000Development Grant
Arthritis Ireland 1/6/17 €10,000Development Grant
Operation Walk
23/3/17 €300Charitable contribution
Bantry Hospice CHY 18433 2/3/17€150Charitable contribution
Heartbeat Trust 8/8/17 €500Charitable contribution
Pieta House8/8/17 €500Charitable contribution
Sponsorship 2018
Arthritis Ireland18/7/18 €8,000Patient Education Grant
Irish Pain Society 31/7/18 €1,500Grant
Asthma Society of Ireland 30/11/18 €10,000Grant
Pieta House 14/3/18€400 Charitable donation
Bantry Hospice 30/4/18 €150 Charitable donation
IRFU Charitable Trust ouse20/6/18 €300 Charitable donation
Breast Cancer Ireland 18/12/18 €500 Charitable donation
Friends of St Luke’s14/3/18 €750 Charitable donation